A Letter About The Oboe



I used to play the Clarinet. Then over the summer in-between the 5th and 6th grades I decided I wanted to play the oboe. The first day of band I got to play the Oboe I instantly fell in love with it and it’s  sound amazed me. Most people say that the Oboe is weird or horrible sounding. Personally I think that if you have the right ear for music you can grow to like it. oboe-433122_640I like playing the band for parades. I played in the veterans day parade.

Why The Oboe is a Good Instrument

One reason that the Oboe is a good instrument . I guarantee that if you practice, you are going to get offered scholarships to lot’s of collages. That’s always good right? I think it is good and it’s a fun and not commonly know instrument. Also if you play the Oboe I guarantee you will get attention.The Oboe is a good instrument if you have already played clarinet. I don’t suggest playing the oboe until you have played the clarinet for a year or two. If you are going to play the oboe I would suggest a student model which runs any where from 800- 1000 dollars. If you do play oboe I hope you enjoy it.

Love, Annie                              The instrument I LOVE. Picture From Pixabay  

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