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At my school we are required to take typing as one of our classes as a sixth grader. We use website called typing club. It is a very good website to use for learning how to type and if it is something you have to do for school. I would start practicing now. Now I can type about 40-45 WPM but it took me time to get there. I did typing when I was laptop-computer-1245981_1280younger but now that I’m older typing is more enjoyable.

If your school is like mine and you do  a test every week to check you speed I would practice now. Plus you never know when typing might come in handy later in life. For some jobs you have to type a lot. So if you learn to type properly then if will be easier later. I would still go type an a place like…typing club… typing test…to practice even if school didn’t require it.

How typing has helped me

  1. typing has helped me in school
  2. typing has helped me create this blog
  3. also typing has helped me use the internet

These are just a few of the ways that typing has helped me that’s why I encourage you to try it. I did and now like it a lot so if I can try so can you. I like typing a lot because it helps me write and I don’t have a very easy time writing with a pen and paper. So word helps me and typing helps me with word. that’s one of the reasons I am glad I used typing club. I hope if you read this post you will be motivated to check out typing club.





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