The Tree

2013-12-09 15.40.16When I came home from my mom’s I saw a Christmas tree.  Daddy told me that he got it at Fred Meyer and that it was an artificial one.  You can tell it’s fake.  I like it even though daddy didn’t get all the branches straight.

The next day I got to decorate the tree.  Daddy let me go to school late so we could decorate the Christmas tree.  We put up silver and blue ornaments that match the colors we put up in the window earlier.  Some ornaments were sparkly and some were plain.  We have a little box of decorations.  Some of them I made.  There were angels, too.

2013-12-09 15.53.48In a few days we went to the store and bought some stuff.  We bought blue and silver angel-hiar garland.  We also got some turquoise and silver ornaments that we put on the tree  We put up a blue and silver jingle-bell wreath.  We got a Santa with a blue hat. We put Santa behind the ukulele.  You can only see one of his eyes now.  We put an angel on the top of our tree.  We have eight Christmas presents under our tree now.  I made little angels for a craft.  We put them on the mantle.  We put a little snowman tea-set that my friend gave me on the mantle.  We put two snowmen and a Santa skiing on the mantle.  I made a little tree painted green with stickers all over it.

The end.

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