The Positive And Negatives of 5 Apple Electronics

So I wanted to do a post on the negatives and positives of apple products . since most people have iPhones and other i electronics. Since i have a iPhone and iPod and my dad has other apple products. I figured that it would be an easy topic to write about. I hope you enjoy my post.

Apple Electronics                            office-583839_1280

  1. iPhone
  2. iPad
  3. iPod
  4. Apple Watch
  5. Mac


Positives and Negatives

iPhones: One positive thing is that you can contact people that you know that live far away. One negative thing is that it can distract you during school.

iPad: One positive of having a iPad is that it is easy to face time on. One negative thing is that you can get caught up in your games and isolate your self.

iPod: One positive thing is it easy to carry around and you can get fun apps that can make waiting for stuff fun. One negative thing is that you can get distracted.

Apple Watch: One positive thing is that it makes it easy to carry around and is hard to forget because you usually don’t take it off. One negative is that it is small so during school you can get on it without the teacher seeing.

Mac: One positive is that you can watch movie if you don’t have a TV and you can do stuff like blog and research stuff for school. One negative thing is that you lose track of time and can be un-motivated to do thing you need to get done like school, homework, eating, and socializing.

What I Use my Electronics For                     plain-macbook

I mostly use my computer for blogging, watching youtube or Netflix. I also use it for school research. I’m so glad that we have electronics and am glad that we can email instead of sending mail. It’s not that mailing is bad it just seems like it takes more time and doesn’t get to the person as fast. I like having the technology that I do have and hope to continue to use it for blogging.





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