Substitute Teacher Games

I have a substitute teacher because my regular teacher’s wife had a baby.  The baby’s name is Amelia.  My substitute teacher’s name is Mr. Neff.  Yesterday, the substitute teacher gave us hard math.  It was harder than Mr. Hausske’s math.  We also played my favorite game.  It’s called “Sparkle.”  In Sparkle you stand in a circle and the teacher pulls the spelling words.  Then we go around saying each letter of the word.  If you don’t get the letter right, you have to sit down.  The person who is left standing is the winner of Sparkle.  Today, we played another one of my favorite games.  This game is called “Hausske Quest.”  In Hausske Quest you have buzzers, white boards, and markers.  The teacher picks a team and the team gets to choose a category.  And they get to choose point values.  The teacher pulls the card from that point value in a category.  He reads it out loud and we try to buzz in first to answer the correct answer.  If you don’t answer correctly you don’t get a second chance.



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