Shep and Annie on the Beach

Shep, daddy, and I went to Rialto Beach near the small town of LaPush.  We walked up the beach to Ellen Creek, and down the beach back to the car.  I found some pretty rocks and cool driftwood that I can make music with.  There’s a piece of round driftwood and a piece that’s long and skinny with holes.  I can use the round stick to hit the piece with holes and it makes a clunking noise.

Then we went to LaPush and ate a corn dog, onion rings, and a burrito in the parking lot.  LaPush looked like a really poor town and I felt like they should have nicer houses, not just old junky ones.

Then we went back to Rialto Beach.  I walked Shep along the beach.  I am tough on Shep.  I make him heel better than daddy.  We stood in the waves and we got our feet all wet, but a huge wave came and it went up to my knees.  My flipflop almost went out to sea, but I caught it and then we walked in bare feet and the sand and little rocks massaged our feet.  Then we walked to a little beach hut that we found.  I took some pictures with the camera that dad bought me.  I went up on a big driftwood log and Shep hopped right up.  I was in a little nook in the log.  Here are a couple pictures that we took.

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