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If you have read my About Me page then you would know I do piano. I’ve done piano for a few years (4). For the past 3 years I participated in an event called the Ribbon Festival. I have never participated in all 11 events but I hope to next year. This year I participated in 7 events so I get a ribbon of excellence. I also participated in Solo,Duet,Hymn. Sight reading level 2,theroy level 3, and ear win_20161105_21_12_39_protraining level 2. The events I didn’t participate in were technique, metronome,project, and composer.

I really enjoy piano. I am going to try to continue with it for a while longer at least. Piano is a way that I get to express myself. I like fast music but I do enjoy slower music to. At the ribbon festival I played Rhythm Mania as my Solo. I played Somewhere Over The Rainbow as my Duet. Also I played You Raise Me Up for my hymn. This  year I am going to do adjudications, I hope it will be somewhat like the Ribbon Festival.

Why piano is a great instrument

I think piano is a great instrument because it is fairly easy and you can start and pick it up from the time your 4-60. I started piano  when I was 6 but then I took a break for a year and started back up. Another reason I think piano is such a good instrument is because it helps me in bandold-piano-keys-with-rose. I’m sure it helps other people with orchestra and other things. I think it’s a good instrument to start out with because it is fun if you have the right teacher. The instrument is not to big and heavy for a little kid to hold. Plus you can adjust the bench to work for the size of kid. It also set kids up for being musical and loving music and wanting to know more about the place it came from. I hope this post made you think about piano, music and the way it influences life’s.


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  1. Kat Jones says:

    I used to play piano too! Of course Annie already knows that since we went to the same piano teacher. I felt like she just wasn’t the best teacher for me, you see our teacher is a perfectionist and I’m a girl who feels like you should just do your best. Also adjudication aren’t quite like the ribbon festival. I should know because I’ve done it twice already.

    1. Annie says:

      do you know if you are going to start playing with a new teacher

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