Our President Election

2016-election        So what’s up  with the two main candidates for becoming president? I really don’t think either of them should be allowed to be president. It seems like America is getting more and more worried an violent because of the election. me and my dad think that Bernie should have been elected. this year my dad voted for Jill Stine. I would have voted for Gary Johnson. Do you ever wonder what America was like before all the presidential drama.

   Who I Would Pick and Why

I don’t like either candidate but if I were to pick my favorite out of the two candidates I would pick Hillary. It’s not that I like her it’s that I don’t like trump or the things he does. I mean he verbally assaults many young girls around the age that I am and people older than me. To me that would be scary if  a man the age of trump! Walked up to me and said the kind of stuff he’s said to girls. Wouldn’t that make you nervous and scared? I don’t think what trump does is right and people need to stand up for them self.

In the comments section put who you would vote for and why?


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