Camp Experience

        If you read my last post then you would know that I went to camp for a week. It was a fun experience. The only thing that bothered me is that one of my counselors was sick. She got me sick. I felt sick for 9 days. Now I’m feeling better.  Overall, I had a good time. Hopefully, I will get to go back next year. While I was at camp we went on a overnight. It was really fun. One of the camp cooks went with us for our overnight.

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     My cabin had seven girls in it and now they’re all my friends. We had skill sessions and I picked water sports and archery. I enjoyed archery more than water sports. During the water sports we got to jump in the lake and we got to go boating.

       We also had our own little village. Each village has one boy cabin and one girl cabin. We got to go on the zip line and climb the rock wall. There was a little shop where you could buy souvenirs. I thought that the food wouldn’t be very good but it was really good. I got to bunk with my friend like I had hoped. My favorite part of camp was the zip line. At first I was scared to go on it but then once I went it was fun and I got to go a second time.

     Also we had a secret pool party in the middle of the night since our counselors were both lifeguards. And every day the camp would have a State theme like Hawaii, California and Alaska. Also, we had inspiration every morning and we got look out at the water. We got to do a scavenger hunt for cookies. There were two extra cookies and my counselor said whoever would get all the way in lake would get them. It was 9:30 at night. I was the only one who got in.

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