Fun Boating Lessons

First my daddy dropped me off at the classroom where they told us to drop off the kids.  When all of the kids were there the teacher gave us a work packet.  He told us to go to page 19.  Then we went outside with our packets and a wind-wheel.  We did an activity with the wind-wheel and the activity was to try to figure out which way the wind was blowing and how fast it was blowing.  We drew a picture of the clouds.  We played a game.  We said “can I come aboard” and we helped each other on and off.  The helper ran to the boat and back.  We had playground time.  We went back to the classroom and ate snacks.  Then we went in the wooden boat workshop.  There was a side door.  Inside there were life jackets.  We put them on.  Then we went to our boat and it was called the “Martha J.”  We went to the practice area and each person got to drive the boat for 15 minutes.  We went back to the classroom and worked on another assignment.  We gave our books to our teacher.  And then daddy came and got me and I showed him the boat and where to watch me sail in the next day of fun boating lessons.

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