Doggie Diapers

While my dad and I were taking a walk my dog kept sticking his tail up.

A dog having indecent exposure
A dog having indecent exposure

So I thought of a funny idea. That idea was to make diapers for dogs so I decided to call them doggie diapers. The diapers would be like diapers for humans but they would have a tail hole. They would have 2 legs holes and the tail hole would be adjustable. I would make the doggie diapers in 5 different sizes. The sizes would be extra small, small, medium, large, and last but not least extra large. If your dog always pees on walks you don’t have to worry about stopping the dog can just pee in the diaper. The diapers will be reusable they will just be liners that snap on to the outside of the diaper.  diaper

For the sale part of the idea I will sale 6 diapers for $9.99 in a package. I would also sell 50 diaper liners for $16.99. Can you imagine if all  dogs you see in public wore diapers the world would be so crazy. If somebody passed a law that dogs had to wear diapers in public it would be weird.

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