My birthday is coming up soon. I’ve been busy working on planning my birthday party. For my birthday I am going to invite my entire class. So I’ve thought of a few tips to use when your planning a birthday party that will really helps.

Steps for having a successful birthday:

  • Find a venue or place to have your birthday 3 weeks to a month (sometimes even earlier depending on where your birthday party is going to be) before your birthday party.
  • Make sure to get the invitations out 2 or so weeks before your birthday.
  • Put a RSVP on your invitations.
  • Invite a few more people than the limit to your party because not everyone will come and it will be more of a money saver to invite more and not waste any.
  • Get all the supplies your going to need for your birthday a week before your party.
  • set up a hour or to early so if anything goes wrong you have time to fix it.

These are either things I do or I haven’t done that made my birthday not quite so good. For me my birthday is around the time school is getting out for the summer. Make sure if your birthday is also around then you will need to make sure it is before school gets out otherwise some people won’t  be able to make it if it’s after school gets out.


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