Back to school

I went back to school in August so sorry that I am so late posting this post. I go to a school that only has one class per grade so it also go’s from 1st till 8th. This year I’m in 6th grade. So as you might assume I’ve stayed with most of the same people for 6 years. My school is a small and friendly  community. I have 2 best friends that I’ve know since 1st grade. This year is my first year of middle school so I’m very exited. Since my school is such a small school the only sport we have is cross-country so I decided to do cross-country this year. I did not like cross-country so next year I’m not going to do cross-country. I’m doing good in my classes I’m a student who gets a’s and b’s mostly.

a pic of my class in 1st grade.

                                 What I Like About Middle School


What is very cool is that my old 1st grade teacher is my new math teacher. I like my schedule because I get art, typing and band which are the extra curricular activities  I wanted. It is  also nice getting to switch classes. I like all of my teachers. My favorite subject is band because I like music and I know how to play 3 instruments which makes band fun. It is also is fun to march in parades.  Also my least favorite subject is science if I’m not doing labs. I like being back in school.  Summer can get boring and it’s fun to see your friends in school.


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  1. Rebecca says:

    Hope you’ve been liking school!!!
    Which one of the 1st graders were you????

    1. Annie says:

      I am the one that is wearing a pink shirt and on the Left side. I also have shoulder length brown-blonde hair

  2. Kat Jones says:

    Hi, my name is Kathrine, but I got by Kat. I think that your website is really cool, but I’m just wondering… Can you tell me which 1st grader you were in that pic???

    1. Kat Jones says:

      Oh… I think I know the answer to my question.
      You’re the little girl who is wearing the little pink shirt and gray leggings. Please tell me if I’m right.

      1. Annie says:

        you are right

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