All About Dilophosaurus

IMG_0531For my presentation on the dilophosaurus, I had to stand in front of the whole class on Valentine’s Day.  Here are a few words from my presentation:

“Dilophosaurus lived in the early jurassic time period about 200 million years ago.  It’s blade-like teeth were lined along its jaws to help it bite its prey.  It had two crests on its head.  In some places, the crests were as thin as paper.”

After my presentation we had a big Valentine’s Day party.  It was fun.

Dad says: Annie spent a lot of time and hard work on her presentation.  We went to a dinosaur park in Granger.  We checked books out from the library.  We spent several evenings cutting and pasting and writing and printing.  She did a great job on her presentation.  She spoke up and looked at her audience.  Dad is proud of Annie.



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