About Me, Annie


My name is Annie E. I want to tell you a little about myself. There are lots of things I like to do. I did hip-hop and hope to start ballet. I also do piano and enjoy my recitals. At home, I enjoy writing, reading, and working on hair and makeup. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention I’m 11 years old and start the 6th grade soon.

I live in Washington. I hope to become a veterinarian when I grow up. It’s so hard to  belive there’s only two years until I become a teenager. The picture is of me when I was only 8. Soon there will be more up to date pics. Some of my posts were from when I was way younger. But I decided to keep them on here for the memories. Also, I will want to start YouTube Channel in the future. I will tell you what it is called after I get a few videos posted. If you read this I hope you enjoyed learning about me.


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