A Thanksgiving Post

The reason we celebrate Thanksgiving has meaning. Some people think it’s just about eating food and being with your family. It’s really about thanking God and your family and everyone in this world for what you have. If you didn’t have them you wouldn’t have half your stuff. I hope you have thought about the true meaning of thanksgiving. Some people have family traditions for example my family try’s to giveaway to help the people that aren’t as fortunate as us.

Ways You Can Help

thanksgiving-turkeyI wanted to give you 5 ways to help other people for thanksgiving.

  1. You can give food to food drives to help feed people.
  2. You can give away clothes.
  3. You can buy stuff for the homeless.
  4. You can cook food for homeless centers.
  5. You can help serve food at homeless centers.

My family try’s to go through everything we have and giveaway the stuff we don’t need. I always feel good about helping the needy. I hope this post and ideas help you have a good thanksgiving and maybe help the needy.  Something you can make for needy

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