A Little Songwriter and Thrumpet Player

Dad says: Annie is away at her mom’s house again, so I thought I’d take this opportunity to comment on her songwriting abilities.  I think Annie has an innate talent for songwriting.

She’s only seven years old, but she shows promise.  Although she decided to stop taking piano lessons, she has an interest in fiddle, guitar, and music in general.  She’s also played the “thrumpet” since she was two.  What’s a thrumpet?  It’s the sound she makes while humming and sucking her thumb at the same time.  Believe it or not, she’s actually learned to create unique, yet simple melody lines playing her thrumpet.

While we were traveling on the Olympic Peninsula last week she created a short, simple, repetitive three-note pattern.  She’d play her thrumpet pattern two to four times, then sing a single lyrical line.  This created an interesting effect, actually very modern, yet ancient.

The words also impressed me.  She created two little one-line songs.  Here’s the first song:

“I’ve got two friends, one is silver, the other is gold.”

The song is not about money, but friends.  She explained to me that the “gold” friends are her best friends, but that there is always room for new “silver” friends.  I thought that showed good sense.

Here’s the second song:

“Don’t chase butterflies, they’ll come to you.”

She explained that whenever she’s tried to chase a butterfly, they always fly away, but when she lets them fly their own way, they’re more likely to come to her.  I thought that showed great observation skills and a touch of youthful wisdom.

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