8 Fun Things to do on a Rainy Day

  1. Play Games

Why: Because it gives you a chance to spend time with family and it is always fun to play games especially on a rainy day.

2.  Read a Book

Why: Because if have reading that you need to get done for school then you can get it done. Plus it is always good to read a book over watching TV.

3.  Watch a Movie

Why: Because it is fun to snuggle up with you family and watch a good movie. (I would suggest a comedy)

4. Go to a Friends House

Why: Because that is always fun and you can play inside. Your  family can visit with your friends family and maybe go out to dinner together.

5. Go out to eatraining-690930_1280

Why: Because it gives you and your family a chance to get out.

6. Take a Drive

Why: Even though the weather condition might not be great but if you go somewhere high and wait for a while it will be very pretty and worth the drive.

7. Sleep

Why: you can catch up on sleep that you missed or get some beauty sleep.

8. Go Play in The Rain.

A nice day for a drive. Picture from Pixabay.

Why: If your parents say yes it is fun to go back to when you were younger and splash in some puddles and not care about what people might be thinking about you.

My Favorite Thing to do on a Rainy Day

 My favorite thing to do on a rainy day is to go splash in puddles or read. I like splashing in puddles because I can just be myself and not care about what people think about me. Splashing in puddles has been fun to me since I was just a little girl who was in preschool.rain-122691_1280







A rainy day that made it good for splashing in puddles. Picture from pixabay.

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