6 Ways to get Your Homework Done

  1. Do homework with a friend

Why: Because it can make homework fun and you can help each other understand the things you are working on.

2.  Ask a parent or sibling to help

Why: Because it is a way to spend time with family and they learned the same thing when they were younger.

3.  Study by your self

Why: Most people think they need help with homework but I’ve found even if I don’t have a friend or family member helping if I just sit down and get it done it is easy and quick because you don’t have anyone to disagree with.

4. On the bus

Why: Because if you can think on the bus then it’s an easy way to get stuff done. You can either get it done on the way to school if your in a hurry or get it done after it gets assigned to you.

5. In homeroom

Why: because it gives you a easy to get most of your homework done if your not quite finished. Or you didn’t have time to get it finished the night before.


One place I like to get homework done

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6. In class black-and-white-classroom

Why: Because it is an easy way to work on it if you finish the other work you got assigned in class. Plus if you need any help or have questions your teacher is right there.


What methods I use and why they work

I usually study by myself or finish in class. I like getting my homework done in class so that I can have more time to either invite a friend over and play with them or do stuff with family. Plus it’s nice like having my afternoon’s free from homework otherwise it feels like I’m in school 24/7. plus on some days I have piano or sports or other tings I would like to be doing. Also a few reason I like studying by myself is because it gives me something to do when I’m bored.  It’s not like a friend can come over everyday and work on homework with you. What are you going to do when you are older and don’t have your friends in the same classes as you ? That is why it is good to learn how to study these ways.



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