4 Idea’s for a Amazing Birthday Party with your Friends

1. Going to the mall with a few of your friends and getting makeovers and getting a new outfit then a sleepover.

Why: Because it is a fun way to spend time with a few best friends. You also can stay up late, watch movies ,prank call, and talk about boys. Also you get to express your self with clothes and get a cute outfit. You also can try on outfits or dresses just for fun.photo

2.  A group party like swimming, bowling, skating, or just going to the park and eating cake and playing.

Why:  It’s  fun and you can invite lots of friends and get lots of presents. you have lots of people to play with and if some people don’t show up it’s fine because you will have lots of other people there.

3. A family party even if it’s just a meal with a few people.

Why: Because it gives you a time to see just your family and have them surround you with love. I’m also sure that they want to spend some time with just you on your birthday. Even if it’s just your parent/parents and maybe siblings.100_1728

4. Movies  and sleepover

Why: because it is fun to watch a scary movie in theaters late at night. and it is always fun to have a sleepover because you can stay up late, watch videos and movies, prank call, and talk abount school and boys.



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  1. Kat Jones says:

    I personally think that friend parties are the most fun. I noticed a few of those party ideas are sort of repeats.
    One thing I really love to do is collect all the glow-in-the-dark things in your house, or things that will light up, and have a dance party at midnight. Turn up that music in your room and blast it till the sun comes up!!!
    Next time you do a entrey or whatever on parties make sure to include those ideas Annie!!!

    1. Annie says:

      sure I will include some of those Ideas. I might be able to let you guest post for me but I’m not sure if not I will make sure to include those ideas

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