Tween to Teen

Doggie Diapers

While my dad and I were taking a walk my dog kept sticking his tail up. So I thought of a funny idea. That idea was to make diapers for dogs so I decided to call them doggie diapers. The diapers would be like diapers for humans but they would have a tail hole. They would […]

Typing Club

At my school we are required to take typing as one of our classes as a sixth grader. We use website called typing club. It is a very good website to use for learning how to type and if it is something you have to do for school. I would start practicing now. Now I can type about […]

A Thanksgiving Post

The reason we celebrate Thanksgiving has meaning. Some people think it’s just about eating food and being with your family. It’s really about thanking God and your family and everyone in this world for what you have. If you didn’t have them you wouldn’t have half your stuff. I hope you have thought about the […]

The Positive And Negatives of 5 Apple Electronics

So I wanted to do a post on the negatives and positives of apple products . since most people have iPhones and other i electronics. Since i have a iPhone and iPod and my dad has other apple products. I figured that it would be an easy topic to write about. I hope you enjoy my post. Apple Electronics                            iPhone […]

A Letter About The Oboe

Hello,   I used to play the Clarinet. Then over the summer in-between the 5th and 6th grades I decided I wanted to play the oboe. The first day of band I got to play the Oboe I instantly fell in love with it and it’s  sound amazed me. Most people say that the Oboe is […]