2013-11-26 16.02.00The Pilgrims travelled to the United States and then they had a big feast.  They called it Thanksgiving.  When they had their big feast, they invited people from around the area.  At the feast they had corn, bread, and meat that the men hunted.

Now we celebrate Thanksgiving kind of like how the Pilgrims did.  But we have more food than they did.  We have corn, bread, turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and apple pie.   We invite our family and friends to the feast.  This year I’m going to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family.

Update from Dad

Annie has been busy.  She got her gold belt in Karate, finished second grade, and has swimming, dance, and sailing lessons this summer.  She just turned eight on June 11.  Can you believe it?

If time permits, I hope to update Annie’s blog this summer.  I’ll add more media, share buttons, SEO, and other plugins.  I need to get a second little laptop so that Annie can begin to learn how to do her own blog posts without my help.

– dan

Earth Day

Earth Day is time when you take care of the Earth.

Birthdays are a time to celebrate your birth.

What if your birthday’s on Earth Day?

Then your activities are to pick up garbage

and go to the park and have some fun.

No cars allowed.


So go tend your garden or plant a tree.

Then put on your shoes and go run free.

You’ll have a blast celebrating your birthday

on Earth Day outdoors with me.


The end.


All About Dilophosaurus

IMG_0531For my presentation on the dilophosaurus, I had to stand in front of the whole class on Valentine’s Day.  Here are a few words from my presentation:

“Dilophosaurus lived in the early jurassic time period about 200 million years ago.  It’s blade-like teeth were lined along its jaws to help it bite its prey.  It had two crests on its head.  In some places, the crests were as thin as paper.”

After my presentation we had a big Valentine’s Day party.  It was fun.

Dad says: Annie spent a lot of time and hard work on her presentation.  We went to a dinosaur park in Granger.  We checked books out from the library.  We spent several evenings cutting and pasting and writing and printing.  She did a great job on her presentation.  She spoke up and looked at her audience.  Dad is proud of Annie.



Substitute Teacher Games

I have a substitute teacher because my regular teacher’s wife had a baby.  The baby’s name is Amelia.  My substitute teacher’s name is Mr. Neff.  Yesterday, the substitute teacher gave us hard math.  It was harder than Mr. Hausske’s math.  We also played my favorite game.  It’s called “Sparkle.”  In Sparkle you stand in a circle and the teacher pulls the spelling words.  Then we go around saying each letter of the word.  If you don’t get the letter right, you have to sit down.  The person who is left standing is the winner of Sparkle.  Today, we played another one of my favorite games.  This game is called “Hausske Quest.”  In Hausske Quest you have buzzers, white boards, and markers.  The teacher picks a team and the team gets to choose a category.  And they get to choose point values.  The teacher pulls the card from that point value in a category.  He reads it out loud and we try to buzz in first to answer the correct answer.  If you don’t answer correctly you don’t get a second chance.



Annie’s a Reader

Dad says: Annie’s back at her mom’s house for the last two weeks of summer.  I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you about Annika’s reading skills.  I can’t believe how this girl loves to read.  She reads chapter books in just days.  She’s read the entire “Little House on the Prairie” series at age six.  I recently read her the first Harry Potter book.  When I finished reading it out loud she read it over to herself in two days.  It’s amazing.  You give her a book and she devours it.  Then she’ll reread books when she runs out.  I must say it is getting a little expensive.  I suppose a visit to the library would be in order.

Fun at the Cabin

We’re at my dad’s friend’s cabin.  We’ve had a lot of fun the first day.  I was a little scared about sleeping in the loft, but now I’m not scared.  This morning I woke up and we went to Mt. Rainier National Park.  At the park we went to Sunrise and hiked on a trail to a nice, grassy viewpoint.  On the way back on the trail we saw a lot of flowers There were all of the rainbow colors and more.  I went to a shop and got a nightie and a neat stone and a travel phone/calculator.  Then we went on a trail with Shep, our dog, for a little bit.  It was really fun and now we’re back at the cabin.  We just had cheeseburgers and we’re having lots of fun.

A Little Songwriter and Thrumpet Player

Dad says: Annie is away at her mom’s house again, so I thought I’d take this opportunity to comment on her songwriting abilities.  I think Annie has an innate talent for songwriting.

She’s only seven years old, but she shows promise.  Although she decided to stop taking piano lessons, she has an interest in fiddle, guitar, and music in general.  She’s also played the “thrumpet” since she was two.  What’s a thrumpet?  It’s the sound she makes while humming and sucking her thumb at the same time.  Believe it or not, she’s actually learned to create unique, yet simple melody lines playing her thrumpet.

While we were traveling on the Olympic Peninsula last week she created a short, simple, repetitive three-note pattern.  She’d play her thrumpet pattern two to four times, then sing a single lyrical line.  This created an interesting effect, actually very modern, yet ancient.

The words also impressed me.  She created two little one-line songs.  Here’s the first song:

“I’ve got two friends, one is silver, the other is gold.”

The song is not about money, but friends.  She explained to me that the “gold” friends are her best friends, but that there is always room for new “silver” friends.  I thought that showed good sense.

Here’s the second song:

“Don’t chase butterflies, they’ll come to you.”

She explained that whenever she’s tried to chase a butterfly, they always fly away, but when she lets them fly their own way, they’re more likely to come to her.  I thought that showed great observation skills and a touch of youthful wisdom.

Fun times with an eight-year old