Tween to Teen

Camp Experience

        If you read my last post then you would know that I went to camp for a week. It was a fun experience. The only thing that bothered me is that one of my counselors was sick. She got me sick. I felt sick for 9 days. Now I’m feeling better.  Overall, I had a good time. Hopefully, I […]

Off to Camp No Electronics

Today I will be going off to camp. I hope me going to camp will be a good experience. My best friend will be there with me and I’m pretty sure we will be bunking together. Also I just found out my cousin is coming and will be staying in the cabin next t0 me. At camp we […]

The Tree

When I came home from my mom’s I saw a Christmas tree.  Daddy told me that he got it at Fred Meyer and that it was an artificial one.  You can tell it’s fake.  I like it even though daddy didn’t get all the branches straight.


Advent is a time when we prepare for Jesus’ birth.  At our church, we made wreaths with candles.  We lit the first candle on December 3, but it was supposed to be the day before.  There are four white candles and one purple candle.


The Pilgrims travelled to the United States and then they had a big feast.  They called it Thanksgiving.  When they had their big feast, they invited people from around the area.  At the feast they had corn, bread, and meat that the men hunted. Now we celebrate Thanksgiving kind of like how the Pilgrims did. […]